Ku: The god of war and blood.

Kū-ka-ili-moku, the seizer of the land, reigned from his island beyond the sun. The warriors of all the islands prayed to him, but he only answered the select; the few that produced the best sacrifices before him. The other gods demanded little in the way of a sacrifice: seashells, flowers, coconuts, bird's eggs, pearls and fish.
Those were the trinkets and baubles of women and food that would rot on the beach.
What is a sacrifice of seashells beyond the trappings of a beggar? The gods require no food, why demand this of the hairless monkeys?
No, the hairless monkeys are only good for one thing, battle. For 3000 years he watched them devise the most ingenious ways of killing and dismembering each other and he enjoyed it. He watched them cut each other’s' throats over the smallest matters, poison each other’s' precious water reserves and sometimes consume each other’s' flesh.
They all wanted him to protect them in battle and cried out for his help.

At one time he protected the best fighters, those worthy to do battle in his name. Until his two youngest sons convinced him otherwise.

"If the greatest warriors fought with his protection, how could they consider themselves truly great? Were they not empowered by the mighty Kū-ka-ili-moku?"

Kiko'Ola and Myopia came up with the best solution to settle the affairs of man:

"Blood for the Blood god!"

Hawaiian legend holds that the wearer of Ku’s Tiki will protect warriors in battle, giving them the favor of the Blood god.

Written by Mike Searson