Corporate Clients

Schmuckatelli Co. skull beads can be custom made and branded for your company.  Here are beads we have made for our corporate clients, click on the images or on the link below to visit their websites.

"Aerial Skull" Bead

Aerial Machine and Tool Corp.

"ZT" Bead

​Zero Tolerance Knives

Spyderco Large Round, Mini Round and Square Beads

Spyderco Knives

"Snody S" Bead


"ProTech Skull" Bead

ProTech Knives

"Emerson Skull" Bead

​Emerson Knives

"Buck Anvil" Bead

Buck Knives

Blade HQ "Knuckle" Bead

​Blade HQ

Benchmade "Butterfly" Bead

Benchmade Knives

"USN Tactical Goat" Bead

​Usual Suspects Network Forum