We are proud to announce our new CAMBRIA STUDIO is complete and ready to help Schmuckatelli Co. improve its products and customer service.

Our beads are cast from the finest Lead Free pewter with several types of of unique finishing options. We also produce a line of premium beads cast in bronze, silver, and titanium as well as other rare materials.

We also carry an assorted collection of clothing and accessories. From belt buckles to exotic skin wallets, we try to explore options to bring back unique U.S.A. made products to the mainstream. 

Best effort will be made to ship orders received by us for in-stock product within 48-hours of receipt unless there is a problem with incomplete address or payment method.

Schmuckatelli Co. is one of the largest producers of high quality beads, lanyards, zipper pulls and key fobs. All of which are proudly made in the U.S.A. Skull Beads, Lanyards, Zipper Pulls, Key Fobs and other knife and lifestyle accessories.

Q. What does the name Schmuckatelli mean or come from?
A. In his youth the owner of Schmuckatelli Co. & his buddies used an invisible character named Joe Schmuckatelli to solve the unsolvable or to answer the unanswerable. Usually the unknown was answered with a “why don’t you go ask Joe Schmuckatelli” response.

Schmuckatelli also has a military tradition as best explained below:


Schmuckatelli — An unnamed junior Marine (e.g. Private Schmuckatelli, field day the shop).

Q. Who is the owner of SchmuckatelliCo?

A.  The owner is an avid knife collector & martial artist.  He has his Master Level (6th degree Black Belt) in Hapkido.  He has trained in Muay Thai under World Champion David Blocker, knife fighting & hand to hand combat under Grand Master Kwon, David Blocker, John McCurry, Hock Hochheim, Ernest Emerson to name a few.  At present he teaches self defense to upper Black Belts & is one of the instructors for Ernie Emerson's Combat Seminars.

Q. Does your pewter have lead in it?

A.  We only use the finest "lead free" pewter.

Q. Where are your products produced?

A.  All of our beads & lanyards are 100% U.S.A. made (ask our competition about theirs).  All our skulls are cast in the U.S.A.  All plating & lanyard fabrication is also done in the U.S.A.