Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead


Vinnie Garoon Skull Bead

Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 21/32" x 5/8" x 51/64"

Hole Size (inches): 3/16"

*All dimensions are approximate


The Vinnie Garoon Skull Story

Vinnie Garoon had been hired by the BAR-T ranch to put an end to a gang of cow thieves that had been rustling the herd. Vinnie had dropped 3 of them with six shots from his Colt 1851 Navy Model as he stalked their leader, Old Man Elias Poe.

Poe was a mean old cuss and probably responsible for killing as many men as the number of cows he had stolen. One of them was Franklin Rand, Vinnie's sidekick on the range. The old man shot him over a $2 game of cards.

As Vinnie tipped the barrel to his lips to blow away any unburnt powder residue, he noticed that his cylinder was empty.

Vinnie had a backup to his Navy Model in the form of a Colt Dragoon in .44 caliber and a Smith & Wesson Model 3 in 44 Russian.

Unfortunately the Dragoon was still lashed to his saddle and the Smith was equally useless on his left hip as it was unsafe to fire since he whacked it over the skull of some other hombre a few days earlier.

He entered the darkness of the ramshackle cabin with his Colt held out at a distance, knowing he'd have to flip the barrel to his hand and club the outlaw with his empty gun if it came to that and he came face to face with his nemesis.

Without flinching he stared down Old Man Poe and told him, "Sir, you are under arrest for thieving the cattle of J.H Jarvis of the BAR-T Ranch. Drop your gun belt with your left hand and surrender."

Old Man Poe stared back with a look of contempt mixed with fear. He had seen Garoon's gunplay as well and there was no better shot in all the Territory. He knew not to resist, he knew he'd spend the rest of his life in prison if they didn't hang him, but that was better than being gut shot and left for the buzzards.

As Vinnie walked him back to the horses, the old man studied the bodies of his three dead rustlers and said aloud, "Just so you know, that was nothing personal between me and Rand, that was just business."

Vinnie, nodded and said, "Yeah, just business."

They rode in silence back to town. All the while, the old man considered ways he could get the bulge on Garoon, but he knew he couldn't; the man was simply too fast with that old Colt.

Vinnie turned Old Man Poe into the Town Marshall and collected his $10 from Jarvis for the arrest. As he walked past Poe’s holding cell he stopped, un-holstered his Colt and showed the man his empty cylinders.

"Just so you know.” he smirked as the old man's eyes turned wide with rage, "this was just business."

See the real Vinnie Garoon Here!

Written by Mike Searson

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