Mind Skull Bead


Mind Skull Bead

Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 21/32" x 33/64" x 39/64"

Hole Size (inches): 3/16"

*All dimensions are approximate


The Mind Skull Story


I am the blackness of space.

My mind infected with pangs of sickness and rage as if possessed by a horde of demons, hundreds of them pock marking my brain and fighting over possession of my very soul.

Whom do I serve?

I serve no one!  I am a Son of Hades!  A holy terror spewed from the mouth of God, raging against the tyranny of man and the very gates of hell!  Born to dispense justice, not mercy. You curse me and taunt me and tempt me with the thoughts of one hundred thousand mad men.

Pain, Fear, Irony, Despair, Hate, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Vanity, Ego, Avarice, Dejection, Hubris, Lust, Deceit, Treachery, Apathy, Envy, Ignorance

I curse you and reject you all!  Rending the flesh from my face I cast you out!

Written by Mike Searson

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