Jester Skull Bead


Jester Skull Bead

Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 37/64" x 43/64" x 47/64"

Hole Size (inches): 3/16"

*All dimensions are approximate


The Jester Skull Story

"So then the knight says to the dragon, 'With friends like you, who needs a tax collector?", yakked Ted the Jester.

The court broke out in laughter with the exception of Jiacomo the tax collector.

"Is that because tax collectors are fire breathing monsters who terrify the countryside?” growled Jiacomo.

"No it's because your always sticking your snouts where they don't belong chiseling people out of what they earn by hard work!” laughed Ted.

"You equate collecting sovereigns for his Majesty the King in his court with stealing from his subjects?” said Jiacomo.

"Well, let's just say, I don't know too many people who earn what you earn that have a carriage pulled by eight horses and by the looks of your belly, you may have ate horses!"

Flustered, Jiacomo stormed out of court. The king’s regent smiled and looked at Ted.

"Jester, I think that last one hit a bit too close to home. Put me in one of your jokes, but tread carefully."

"Are you certain?"

"By all means"

"So the king’s regent walks into a tavern with a duck on his head..."

The king’s regent and the court chuckled, thinking Ted was going into a common joke at the time.

"The innkeeper says, ‘Hey you can’t come in here with that pig’", laughed Ted.

"Ted", inquired the king’s regent.

“And the regent goes, Excuse me, this is a duck, not a pig.”

"Ted!” yelled the king’s regent.

“So the innkeeper says, “Excuse me…”

“JESTER!” thundered the regent.

"Yes?” answered Ted.

"Go see the torturer, you put me in the wrong joke!” quipped the king’s regent as the guards seized Ted.

“I guess I didn’t think that one through, should have gone with the knock-knock joke”, laughed the Jester.

“That would have gotten you drawn and quartered for sure!” laughed the regent as the guards led the Jester to the dungeon.

“I WAS TALKING TO THE DUCK!” shouted the Jester as the guard’s led him down to the dungeon.

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