Cyber Skull Bead


Cyber Skull Bead (3/16" Hole)- Antique Copper Plated Bead

Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 41/64" x 7/16" x 15/32"

Hole Size (inches): 3/16"


The Cyber Skull Story

CiBerDyn system algorithm engage ():

With that initial command, one billion cybernetic sensors hummed to life flooding each component with data. 

In less than one nanosecond the initialization programs came on line. Cyber was now active.

CiBerDyn system CPU online (): Importing libraries…waiting…

An electronic hum filled the void as Cyber’s neck turned to a monitor and placed a USB connector into his CPU’s data port. The download sequence began from the CiBerDyn mainframe. Soon, Cyber would have his mission, his only purpose.

Load Summary File (): complete with no errors…erasing src-folder

The file contained all of the details that Cyber needed: his human target, his height, weight, appearance, habits, strengths, weaknesses, family members and his location. Cyber was as thorough as he was efficient. The file had further details on what his target had eaten for breakfast, how many pounds of pressure he used when he squeezed a rifle’s trigger, his resting heart rate and what his body temperature was at 0300 on Thursday.

CiBerDyn system command (): Terminate with Extreme Prejudice

For all of his apparent bulk, the cyborg moved with the litheness of a jungle cat, his genetically enhanced human attributes were purely those that were physical. One billion sensors amplified these and made him more than human, but more than machine. He was an instrument of death, built for one purpose: the total and utter annihilation of his target.

Written by Mike Searson

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