Myopia: The son of Ku and personage of the short-sighted.

Myopia studied by his father's right hand and loved the sight of battle. He loved battle for battle's sake and cared not what effect it played out in the future of the hairless monkeys.

However, he constantly lost in wagers with his other brothers, who always seemed to know the winners.

In essence he did not care. He won one time, when Kiko'Ola bet against him. He found that odd as Kiko'Ola always claimed to be smarter than everyone.

And Kiko'Ola was smart, he told Myopia the best way for their father to show favor to the hairless monkeys: blood sacrifice.

The first sacrifices were made of prisoners and the sick, but Myopia's vision was greater, according to Kiko'Ola. Make the sacrifices of the best and brightest warriors. Why would the shaved monkeys need their best and brightest when they had the patronage of Mighty Ku?

The people of the land gathered their best and brightest and put them through many tests, those who remained victorious would provide blood for the blood god!

Yes, his vision was brilliant.

Hawaiian legend holds that the wearer of Myopia’s Tiki will protect the wearer from being shortsighted and narrow minded.

Story by Mike Searson